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Email of the Day

Friday, May 30th, 2008

“As for, I’ve never been on it but junior year J*** and I got in a HUGE fight because while reading his emails, I came across tons of random correspondence with girls that he clearly didn’t know, but was making plans to meet up with. I finally figured out it was because the girls were asking why a 20 year old college kid was on Anyway, I debated whether or not to confront him about it because that meant admitting to reading his emails, but I eventually did because he had given me his password once our freshman year so I could print something out for him, and I just happened to remember it. It’s not my fault he never changed it. He did after that but I guessed his next password. He’s so predictable that there’s no sense of accomplishment when I do those things.” – Anonymous

Millennials = self-involved.

Thursday, May 29th, 2008

This 60 minutes bit isn’t terribly encouraging. I’m part of a generation that has difficulty staying put because we’re constantly looking for not only the next best thing, but instant gratification. That means pursuing our dreams because WE CAN DO ANYTHING! In addition, we needs lot of praise and comfort and reassurance. I kept waiting for the interviewees to drop Quarter Life Crisis and related terms so I could finally relate for once. But most twenty-somethings interviewed seemed to have their shit together; they were more concerned about flexible work schedules and positive feedback than lack of direction or conflicting nesting instincts.


Tuesday, May 27th, 2008

Get that? Memorial Day Weekend. I’ll tell you how it started. It started with a surprise graduation party for Carrie Turvey in Albany, NY. We had esophagus races and dance parties. Then we drove to Stratton, VT and stayed at Craig Moores’ dad’s pad. We played apples to apples, ate expensive sandwiches, and then watched some men’s gymnastics. I’ll tell you, it was one huge success. Here’s a photo recap.

road tripalbany

3 wise men

the end

Then the boys dropped me off at my apartment. PSTD (Post-Sweet-Trip-Depression) immediately set in. After downloading my photos and scrolling through them multiple times in a desperate attempt to keep the weekend from ending (and to preview facebook worthy shots), Peter called and saved me from an evening of not unpacking my suitcase. Then we ate Thai food and talked about our feelings.

Sarah Wins?

Tuesday, May 27th, 2008

It has been a common pattern in our recent dating histories that Sarah dates the strong, tall, athletic type, while I usually bring home boys who tend to blend into our Thanksgiving dinners rather seamlessly. A common rant from Sarah usually sounds like: “Why does Mom always like your boyfriends more than mine?” The answer, to me, is obvious. Favorites are always favored, and so are their associates.

However, in this round of dating contests, Sarah has done what I have yet to achieve. She has snagged a potential Abercrombie & Fitch model. Does this make her a winner? Or does this only invoke second-hand embarrassment? Oh Sarah your bf is so nice..what does he do? Oh… a model! Oh, for A&F? I see. Well. Good for him you.

Apparently during a jaunt through Boston, said boyfriend was approached by leggy blonde who demanded his phone number for A&F model recruiting. According to Sarah, he reluctantly handed over his digits but immediately tossed her business card. A day later, she called and booked his “interview” for 4pm today. And now he is in the gym doing hours of ab work and practicing appropriate poses for looking naked on the side of a shopping bag. Either that, or he’ll have to stand in his boxers in the A&F entrance of an in-door mall. That depresses me.

Alex: Omg, Sarah.. is that your boyfriend? Is he… is he not wearing any clothes? Is he…omg, is he standing in the entrance of an Abercrombie & Fitch outlet store entrance?

Sarah: Uh, ya. Where’s your boyfriend standing?


Listen to This: Belle & Sebastian

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

Lazy Line Painter Jane – Belle & Sebastian. How does it make you feel?


Run for the Fallen Trailer

Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

Have I mentioned this before? Our friend, Jon Bellona, is running across the country this summer in honor of his friend, Mike Cleary. Visit to learn more and support his effort.

Jan Gehl, Swoon

Tuesday, May 20th, 2008

Jan Gehl

First there was Fred Astaire, with his tap-dancing, and his hat, and his patience with Judy Garland’s inability to tell her left from her right. It must have been circa 1988 when my mom told me he had recently passed away. My disappointment was unprecedented, as if I had missed my chance. I don’t understand. Does this mean he can’t be my tap-dancing bf? It was all very morbidly heart-breaking for a 6 year-old. Then, some years later, there was, of course, Moby, who signed my CD at the Soho Apple store and woo-ed me with his Tea(ny). Albeit short, he was oddly dreamy with his articulate blogging and political views and financial backing. Whether I wanted these men to be my boyfriends or my best friends or my dads is unclear, but I became unusually attached. Like a groupie of sorts. Reading their books, their blogs, owning their box-set collections. And now, there is Jan Gehl.

It was just yesterday that I was perusing the WWW when I saw an event entitled “Fit-City 3: Promoting Physical Activity through Design.” Panelists include NYC Commissioners, Chief Urban Designers, blah blah blah omg keynote speaker Dr. Jan Gehl. It should go without saying that I showed up to the event at 8:30am this morning and sat through four hours of Public Health Policy Power-Point slide shows until Jan got to the podium. He spoke for 45 minutes, wooing me with pictures of public spaces, whispering sweet-nothings of Copenhagen bicycling statistics into the microphone. ENCORE! I wanted to shout. Oh Jan Gehl, why must you be 72 and live in Denmark with your wife of 45 years? I can’t wait for my paycheck so I can buy his book in one of 15 (!) different languages. Oh, look at that, a link. Ha, and oh look at that affordable price. Jan, you tease.

I’d just like to conclude this post with some Fred Astaire photos, which I think will clearly demonstrate how he managed to flit, flirt, and flutter his way into my heart.

Fred Astaire JumpFred Astaire PinkFred Astaire YellowFred Astaire Flair



Email of the Day

Tuesday, May 20th, 2008

You’re doing a great job.


Picnics, Oven Knobs, Bobby Caldwell

Monday, May 19th, 2008

Ok so I just created one huge post entitled, appropriately, Monday Post Extravaganza. It included a recap of my weekend, where I walked you through the events with photos and witty commentary. Upon previewing the post, however, it became clear that the enthusiasm I had for our sunny picnic in Prospect Park on Saturday was hardly conveyed in my weary Monday review. I’m going to try and let the photos speak for themselves. Then at the end I will leave you with a song, to which Peter, Allie, Taylor and I had a dance party on Sunday at the 5th Ave Street Fair when it was raining and we were all feeling less than fantastic. Yes, on a day filled with watching bad movies, cleaning bacon grease off the oven, and spilling red wine on Peter’s virginal white couch, those 5 minutes of Bobby Caldwell dance magic made us feel pretty great.

Prospect Park

Prospect Park Picnic

Dark Alley

A Dark Alley


Peter is stressed. He cleans his oven knobs.

Dance Party

5th Ave Street Fair, Post Dance Party.

Bobby Caldwell Dance Magic

Does This Make Me Look Self-Involved?

Wednesday, May 14th, 2008