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2.Oh heyy

Friday, March 28th, 2008

Sean Presenting

Pete and Adam

Sean was a presenter last night at the NY Video 2.0 conference, which included roughly 400 web nerds packed into Webster Hall. Dream? Yes. Adam and Pete were mesmerized. Then we talked about our feelings and ate pizza. Dream deuce!

Packing for Vaca

Tuesday, March 25th, 2008

Yellow Tights

Like any unemployed 25 year old, I have disregarded any attention to money conservation and have decided to take a ten day vacation to Italy. I’ll also be stopping by Berlin to see an old friend, my little Panchita, who was my junior year roommate at Pomfret. Of course, this was a horrible idea. Not because I can’t afford it (lol), but because the stress it brings me has incredibly unfortunate timing with the rest of my qlc. I just want to frolic about Florence looking popular and made of money. So naturally I have begun packing 8 days in advance. I must be efficient, and think European – bring select items that I can interchange to create a variety of spicy get-ups for any occasion: pub perusing, plane riding, tea drinking, boyfriend making, tjk omg. But, all of the pictures of my sister (on the left) have her wearing boots and flashy to quite flashy colored stockings. Are those… yellow tights? Though I do have a fantastic pair of wide leg herringbone trousers. My friend, Lydia (oh hey), and I each bought a pair when we were millionaires vacationing in ritzy Bozeman, MT. Twinsies! I just want to win.

Little Children

Tuesday, March 25th, 2008

Little Children

Fritsey and I watched Little Children last night. Steamy. Creepy.

Biking, Byrne, Bears

Friday, March 21st, 2008

I’m pretty into promoting better city biking conditions. I attended the New Yorker festival event where David Byrne charmed the audience through an hour and a half of urban cycling promotion. One of the speakers was Jan Gehl, an urban planner from Denmark, who showed us how he helped transform Copenhagen into a biking dream city. Swoon. In fact, I’m volunteering tomorrow with Transportation Alternatives to encourage the New York council members to pass the New York City Congestion Pricing proposal. Apparently the best method of not getting your bike stolen in NY is to buy a cheap bike and an expensive lock. I’m pretty sure my bike from Working Bikes in Chicago cost me the same as the lock, which a waiter from Butter sold to me on the street. Solid.

Alesund, Norway

Monday, March 17th, 2008

Alesund, Norway

I want to go here. Do you?

The Graveyard Shift

Friday, March 14th, 2008

Empty Office

It’s been a while. Why? I’ll tell you. I have taken a freelance assistant editing gig. It pays well. It’s easy work. It’s the night shift. What does that mean? It means I start work at 6pm and work until 2am. Another assistant joins my shift at 8:30pm. She works during the day at an Apple store in New Jersey teaching one-on-one Final Cut Pro tutorials, then travels two hours to work the assistant night shift with me in lower Manhattan. Initially I made very little effort to befriend my new colleague: We work in separate rooms, I enjoy time to myself, and I could easily pass the hours reading the NYTimes, judging facebook photos and searching for a better (day) job. However, I soon realized that the creepiness of being in the financial district at midnight on a Wednesday proved too much. And thus we have taken to nightly jaunts out to the only open cafe where she purchases two bottles of Diet Coke and I buy a bag of pretzels, or, if I’m feeling vulnerable, a veggie wrap. Then she turns on Golden Girls and tells me stories about her Final Cut Pro customers, using language she only assumes I understand because I’m in the business. Though her use of technical acronyms and FCP quick key references exhausts me.

In the end, my days are backwards. I have to sleep until 11am in order to stay awake for the following evening. Plus, my few daylight hours this week have been spent working on a separate video project. And while I initially left Chicago and video editing to pursue a new career, a month later I have found myself back to where I left off. But for now I would rather be useful and paid than idle and poor. Plus, I see working the graveyard shift as a mildly entertaining experience – One I can look back on in ten years and laugh, omg remember when I worked the night shift? When my new little Apple friend and I were deciding last night whether to get diet snacks or pizza slices at 1am, she suggested we save pizza for a special occasion. Tomorrow is Friday, she said. We can splurge.

Ma Sweet Comes to Town

Sunday, March 9th, 2008

Hot Dog

About every six weeks, mama Sweet travels to NY for Analyst School lessons so she can add more letters to the end of her name. This Saturday, she took Fritchey and me to the Brooklyn Diner for a meal before we went to a dance party. Of course Fritch and I both ordered reasonable salad type situations. My mother, on the other hand, decided she wanted the hot dog. wtf.

Then we went to the “dance” party, which mostly consisted of outdated frat boys slamming coors lights and tugging at their striped button down cuffs and shouting. Though there was a Parisian fellow in keds who danced by himself to Michael Jackson songs. Apparently everyone decided to really go for it last night. Sean and Adam didn’t get back to their apt until 6am. Fritchey didn’t get back to the Switchey Compound until 7:30am and I didn’t return to my mother’s hotel room until 5am. When I walked in and said I was back, she briefly woke up to acknowledge, to her surprise, that it was the next day. When Fritchey woke up this afternoon, she got out of bed, fell down, then promptly got back under the covers.

And now, at 11:26pm, we have decided to round out the weekend by rearranging our apartment. Perfect.


Wednesday, March 5th, 2008

Sean 1Sean 2Sean 3

The last three photos I took at Sean’s surprise 6th birthday party.