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Great News, Peter

Saturday, November 13th, 2010

You’re not alone.

“Men in their 20s are more vulnerable to ups and downs in their intimate relationships than young women, a recent study suggests.” The New Romantics: Heartbroken Young Men, Chicago Tribune

[UPDATE: See photo]

Peter Wins?


Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

Yesterday I sat down with my studio professor to talk about my streetscape design for Wilhelmina Straat in Aruba and he said I want you to design the streetscapes for the entire downtown! and I said wtf zomg that’s a lot of work ok I’ll do it! and he said good it’s due Monday. And then he pointed to some of my rough-draft graphic design and before he could criticize me I said Pay no attention to those graphics! They are JV! And he sat back and he said, Did you say JV? And I said yes. And he smiled. He does not smile. This was confusing but I considered it a win.

To celebrate, Andy and I got tattoos. Here is a less than flattering photo of us trying to look tough with our new tattoos but instead we just look disappointed. Photos are hard.

Thug Aruba

Lunch with Important and Wealthy Old People

Monday, November 1st, 2010

The Dean’s office invited me to the PennDesign Board of Overseer’s Quarterly Luncheon what? It was today. So I put on some high heels and a woool skirt and sat down at a table with three Board Members including one woman who “began her career as a researcher, working on the Hubble Space Telescope and then on fusion energy projects at the Naval Research Laboratory and in Japan at Toshiba’s energy science and technology laboratory.” Apparently she did not even go to Penn but likes to sit on boards for fun. That was a tough conversation to start. and finish.

Then I met a woman who graduated from my planning program and lives in the NYC and I said I want to be there and work for my bff Janette Sadik-Kahn!! and she goes OKAY what you need to do is get yourself a portfolio mmk? and a make list of firms where you want to work mmk? and a polished resume mmk? and you need to go have a sit-down with your Dean mmk? because she knows EVERYBODY. And I was like YA! And she was like YA! And then we shook hands and then I marched over to the buffet table and took 5 left-over sandwiches back to studio because networking makes me HUNGRY.

The end.


Sunday, October 17th, 2010

Tonight someone in my design studio who never gets stressed got very stressed and had to walk home and I realized it is a lot easier to be less stressed when someone else is stressed because you focus on making them feel better by telling them everything is going to be ok and in so doing somehow convince yourself that everything is going to be ok. Nah mean? Here’s a reenactment.


ACSWEET: ME NEITHER!  NO! Wait….Everything is going to be OK!

Student: NO IT’S NOT!

Acsweet: Yes! It will!!

Student leaves. Acsweet feels better.

Lesson Learned: Find other crazies = Feel better.

In other news: I went to the new york city last night and had dinner with Ma Sweet and SarahSweet. Ma Sweet was in the NYC for school and SarahSweet was in the NYC for friendship and ACSweet was in the NYC for feelings and food (story of my life). Ma Sweet is graduating from Feelings University in June and GUESS WHAT? The class unanimously voted her to be the graduation speaker. I KNOW! I could just cry. We’re going shopping for graduation dresses next week.

See photos here.


Monday, October 11th, 2010

Today is Monday also known as Phase One of Post Sweet Trip Depression.

The first phase is often accompanied by post-sweet-trip glow when revisiting the weekend by watching A Weekend at the Cinnamon’s slideshow on the flickr. This is typically watched in public so that other people will see the Weekend at the Cinnamon’s slideshow and stop and ask when you became the happiest most popular person in the world and you laugh and say Shhh i’m watching a slideshow.

Phase two is denial when you start to memorize the Weekend at the Cinnamon’s slideshow on your flickr and become frustrated that a sequel has not yet been posted and then you remember it’s Tuesday and that you’re in your Studio staring at a base map of Aruba and eating skittles out of the vending machine.

Phase Three is total loss of memory and when someone says, Hey how was your trip? you weep because you have sad feelings but can’t remember why.

Phase Four is when someone plans the next friendship reunion and hopefully Peter stops studying for Climate Change Accounting and Wife Shopping 101 to show up for once srsly.


A feelings roller-coaster.

In other news:

For my homework assignment tonight I have to make a map using GIS that illustrates the mid-term county election results based on a single criterion of my choice, like ratio of men to women, blacks to whites, old people to young people, etc.

I’m deciding the election results based on a county’s ratio of people who have married to people who have never married. Because, lets be serious, that’s really what most important in the race of life. I will also make graphs. And maybe post it on HoBaB. And then the internet because the first thing people research in Wife Shopping 101 is ladies who make maps about their dreams right Peter? I feel great.

birthday agenda

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

guys, tomorrow is October 1st. Here is how I am celebrating.

8am – Analyze Aruban census data. Create graphs. Put them on a chart.

11am – Go to head doctor and talk about myself (the best birthday present of all)

12pm – Come home and spend 45 minutes looking for all the expensive presents Peter didn’t send me. Pout.

1pm – Go to school and talk to team about Aruban census data.

2pm – Hang new cork boards at studio desk. Stand. Listen to Aruba national anthem.

3pm – Watch this.

4pm – Finish GIS assignment while listening to Girl Talk.

5:30pm – Go to PennDesign Happy Hour and accept presents and high fives (same thing)

7:30pm – Go to dinner with favorites. Sit in middle of the table and hum Aruba national anthem. Make everyone stand.

9:30pm – Have a party. Host Sad eyes happy face photo contest. Win.

Sweechigan Fabric Pattern Planning

Monday, September 6th, 2010

Today I spent 45 minutes on GChat Video with Ma Sweet and SESweet while they showed me new fabric patterns for Sweechigan. I took screen shots.

The front porch will be the granny porch, as demonstrated by the old lady flower pattern and white wicker rocking chair.

Discover Simple, Private Sharing at

The back porch will be the cool porch, as demonstrated by the purple mohair pillow covers.

Discover Simple, Private Sharing at

These are salt & pepper shakers for people with short arms as demonstrated by Sarah. Thanks Lynn!

Discover Simple, Private Sharing at


Monday, September 6th, 2010

Last night was Carly’s Birthday Party and we went to Mama Palma’s and ate a lot of pizzas and brought a lot of wines and the bill was $13 per person. I know, right?

Then we went to the Moshulu which is a boat on the waterfront and the DJ was spinning MMP v BBG (Michael Madonna Prince vs. Britney Beyonce [Lady] GaGa).

Here is a sample:

Here is a photo of us before we got on the boat.

Here is a photo of us after we got on the boat.

Grad school is the boringest. More photos here.

Peter, do the dorm supervisors let you play music at DCC?


Friday, September 3rd, 2010

Now that Mr. Mercedes is becoming Mrs. Mercedes with a new rack and junk in the trunk, she has also become significantly heavier/curvier. This means that it is harder to carry her up and down the 4 flights of stairs of my apartment building. Fortunately, Ma Sweet has a PhD and she is wicked smaht and last night on the phone said, Why don’t you take Mrs. Mercedes in the elevator?

But this morning when I walked Mrs. Mercedes out of my apartment and stood at the top of the stairs I remembered the bold lettering on my lease that specifically prohibits bicycles in the elevator and envisioned me and the Mrs. getting escorted out of the building in handcuffs while I wail, She’s not fat she’s just curvy and needs help!, and then I thought, Maybe nobody will see me.

So I wheeled Mrs. Mercedes into the elevator and went down to the first floor, and as I opened the door I heard:

“Good Morning Miss Sweet.”

ZOMG. It was Angelo. The building super.

I panicked and said good morning, Angelo! He was standing there sipping water out of a wine glass. I tried to distract him from my crime by pointing out my bike’s new features. I pointed to the new back rack and said, let me know if you ever need a ride. I’ll take you where you need to go. Then I winked and ran out of the building.

A success I think.


Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

I’m learning the internet! I made some changes to HoBaB! Don’t panic. Let’s go over this slowly. Together. Slowly.

Look to the right. —–>

What do you see? I’ll tell you. Some new things:

Recent Comments! The 5 most recent comments on HoBaB.

A Twitter Feed! I don’t do a lot of tweets but when I do they will be on the sidebar.

Subscribe by email! Now you can have HoBaB come to YOU! Subscribe to posts by email. This is an exciting feature. Let’s all welcome new subscriber, Uncle Paul.  WELCOME UNCLE PAUL!

Any other requests?

Here’s a song.