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I’m a grownup now.

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

Yesterday Dr. Adam and I went to Blood Bath and Beyond to buy a vegetable brush. This is something I never thought I would need but now that I live in California and we signed up for a CSA and receive a weekly delivery of local fresh dirty fruits and vegetables, I need a vegetable brush to scrub them. So we went to the Blood Bath and Beyond and we bought a vegetable brush. Then Adam said, I think we’re running low on forks. So we went upstairs and picked out a new set of flatware and bought three sets and then a new bamboo flatware organizer for our flatware drawer and then some more shampoo (since we’re already here…) and a casserole dish because one time we tried to make some potatoes and the recipe told us to cover the potatoes in a casserole dish and we were like can we use a potato dish? And the recipe book was like, No. Dr. Adam doesn’t like buying new things because all he can see if repacking them when we have to move next summer so now I am hiding everything I buy on the internet under my desk at work. I don’t think he reads HoBaB so we’re safe.

Here’s a photo of me when I was 2-ish riding a bike.
Alice Wheat's first bike.

Lamb shank monarch planes

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

Here’s a recap. Dr. Adam and I have been dating for 12 months I know this blog is not a dating blog and talking about dating is kind of against the rules but the point is it was on Friday and we spent the evening half way between San Jose and San Francisco eating lamb shanks and giving each other presents. He gave me a watch and 6 packs of peanut-butter and jelly m&m’s guess which part was my favorite. I gave him the monarch butterfly chairs which is a plural gift which means it was also a gift for me which is kind of selfish but once we were at the REI and we sat in the monarch chairs for 20 minutes and Dr. Adam said can we get these? and I was like, no way too impractical when are we going to need squatting chairs with only two legs for all the times we haven’t been camping? Turns out  we need them all the time because now Dr. Adam follows me around the apartment when I get home and whenever I stop to do something for a few minutes he pops a squat in the monarch chair next to me and everybody wins.

Then after the lamb shanks I went to the airplane station to take a flight to the New York State for Lauren and Reid’s big day wedding. I didn’t feel like having any airplane station marteenees so instead I had an airplane station advil PM. Have you tried this? It worked. Not only did I not get scared but I did not wake up until the man next to me hit my arm after we landed. The wedding was the best. I drank just a several dozen glasses of wine and marathon danced for 5 hours. It was really happy. Here is a photo of the chuppah and then the hoisting of the big day couple. My favorite part was doing the hora (because I’m Jew-ish).

Lauren and Reid's big day

Lauren and Reid's big day dance.

Then on Sunday I went to the JFK airplane station and the airline said Ok Alice listen we overbooked the flight we’re real sorry, do you want to volunteer your seat and take the next plane in two hours? I want to say that I said yes because I am altruistic but I said yes because then I would have two hours to eat some shame at the airport which does not make me feel like a good person. Then she said, Ok here’s your ticket for the next plane, I’ve upgraded you to Bizzy Class (that’s inside speak for Business Class) and given you $400 worth of travel vouchers. Then I gave her a wink and ate a double cheese burger. In retrospect this was a mistake, but I did not know it was a mistake at the time, because who in their right mind would know that flying from New York to San Francisco counts as an international flight? Know what you get on international flights? A flying hotel room. I had a huge seat with a toiletry kit, cashmere socks, a pillow, a blanket, head phones, an eye mask, 3 courses of meals, and 15 bottles of wine because apparently nobody else in bizzy class was drinking that night. The woman next to me was a pro at bizzy class and after my 3rd glass of wine I confessed it was my first time then she showed me how to recline my chair and order all the movies for free. Which I did. Here’s the lesson: flying is not scary when you’re eating sorbet and drinking wine in a lounge chair. The bad news is that apparently it costs a million dollars a ticket so I have started a piggy bank and it will be my bizzy class fund but I might only be able to get one seat in ten years so if I fly with Dr. Adam we will have to do switchsies half way through the flight.

I will conclude this post with a list of all my meals in photos.

Delta Business Class Course #1

Delta Business Class Course #2

Delta Business Class Course #3

The end.

Transportation Parties

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

The company where I work also known as the Transportation Planning Factory has had approximately 3 holiday parties. The first one we went on a wine train which is a train that you drink wine on. The second was when we hung up christmas decorations in our office including the holiday-neutral snowflake that adorns my cubicle window and then ate some red cookies while we stood in a circle in the front lobby. The third party was at the factory owner’s house in the suburbs where I brought a bottle of red wine and wore a red sweater and got a tour of her walk-in closet (it had multiple hallways dream big). Tonight we are having a fourth holiday party where our office is going to a town 20 minutes away and playing the traditional annual christmas bocce ball. Is this was california christians do? It is all confusing to me. Fortunately I managed to wear my Via Spiga black suede booties which will both intimidate my competition and weaken my game, but at least I will look like a million rubles. Speaking of which – I am going to the Chica-go-go in a week and a half and here’s what I have planned (in order probably):

Hug Rahm
Go to the Sweechigan

Buy bikes for Sweechigan
Give gifts Get gifts
Light candles
Spin dreidels
Repent (is that just Yom Kippur or are we always apologizing on holidays I can’t remember?)
Sounds like fun can’t wait!

Business Trips on Cliffs

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

ok i know HoBaB was down today I sent a panic email to my previous boyfriend website host SeanTice and he sent me a link to a twitter status by the internet who said HoBaB would be down until further notice. It’s back up. Who feels better? This one. So the news is I went on a business trip. I went on a business trip to San Luis Obispo (SLO) to drive a car during peak and off-peak traffic hours to collect data on travel times on county roads. This means I drove 750 miles in two days in a Buick. It was cushy. Four other people from my firm came down to collect data. The guy in charge, two other interns, and an intern who was hired last Fall. The interns all went to CalPoly and talked about civil engineering and modeling. The guy in charge taught the transportation systems course at CalPoly. So most of the conversation was about math and CalTrans and not about bikes or blogging. At one point during dinner last night while I was mowing a steak sandwich the guy in charge turned to me (for the first time) and  asked me how often I drove on interstates back home. I pretended to be asleep.

Then I drove home this afternoon along California Highway 1 which is basically like playing chicken with a cliff face. I listened to Philip Glass and the whole thing was very dramatic for about four hours until I hit San Jose and got on the CalTrain to commute back to San Francisco. In Big Sur I stopped at a restaurant called Nepenthe and got the best seat in the house because I was eating alone. Here was the conversation I had with the maitre’d.

Maitre’d: How many for lunch?

acsweet: Just one.

Maitre’d: Just one?

acsweet: Just one.

Maitre’d: By yourself?

acsweet: By myself.

Maitre’d: Nobody is joining you?

acsweet: I’ll have the steak sandwich.

Here’s my lunch and my view. More photos here.
Oh hello steak sandwich

Pop Quiz: How many steak sandwiches did I eat on this business trip?

Answer: 2 many.

TX > PA > NY

Friday, June 10th, 2011

I’m back from Texas and leaving in 49 minutes to go to Clinton, NY for Craig & Carrie’s wedding at Hamilton College. Then I’m home for three days then I go to the New York City to attend Ma Sweet’s graduation and graduation party extravaganza (probably a nice dinner out). This will conclude my Goodbye Tour at which point I will move to the San Francisco where I have accepted a job as a Transportation Planner in the San Jose. Ta da.

Here are photos from Texas.

I’m in Texas

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

I’m in Texas. So far I have found zero husbands. This is ok because it is only the second day. Meg has a lot of friends in Austin, Texas yesterday one of them took us on his pontoon boatcycle and we went onto the lake and we went swimming and also drank beers and then we came back to Meg’s friend Karen’s house and we ate tacos and drank wine and then we fell asleep. It is very hot in Texas. There are also a lot of tattoos. I do not blend. I saw one bike lane. It was a very skinny bike lane. Today Lauren and I are drinking the iced coffees then we’re going to write some emails and then we’re going to take a walk to the first Whole Foods ever because whole foods is Lauren’s happy place. Here is a photo of Lauren and Meg swimming. More later.


Spring Break 2011!!

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

Ok ready it is Spring Break apparently and for our studio trip we went to Aruba Washington DC! Two days before the trip our studio instructor was like zomg guys guess what I just got called in to be on a jury for a murder trial I can’t go to Washington DC acsweet can you take over? kthanksbye!

So there we were. An orphaned studio group in Aruba Washington DC and there I was on the phone with Planning Directors being like Hieeee it’s Alex k’we come over? And they were like totes we’ll show you some powerpoint presentations and we were like omg we lovelovelove powerpoint presentations!  So we met with the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority and the Montgomery County Planning Department and the Akridge Developers and the Washington DC Office of Planning and the Arlington County Department of Community Planning Housing and Development and then we fainted. We mostly talked about Transit Oriented Development.We mostly ate Indian Food.

Here’s a photo of a Transit Oriented Development called Gallery Place.
Omg a TOD

Here’s a photo of me fainting.
Spring Break is exhausting.

And here’s a photo of Ma Sweet’s new couch in Sweechigan. Everybody’s winning really.
Ma Sweet's new couch

More photos here!


Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

I am giving three presentations this week. Today I presented a case study on Parc de la Villette in Paris. Tomorrow I will present my preliminary research on street design treatments for buses and bicycles. Thursday I will present case studies for my studio class on Transit-Oriented-Development. And on Friday I will present my face to GirlTalk because we have a dance party date at 10pm wicka-wicka-whaaaaaat.

For serious. Here’s my outfit. For the rest of the week.

Guess who’s 75% of a City Planning Master?

Sunday, December 19th, 2010

this one.

Tuesday News of the Day Update

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

The Good News: Success. I made Arubans laugh.

The Bad News: I have to do it again tomorrow. No Sleep Tuesdays.

The Neutral News: I don’t have an eye stye.

The Other News: My friend just sent me this.