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Saturday, January 5th, 2013

I have two new years resolutions do you want to know what they are?

  1. Bring HoBaB back into your my life in a big way
  2. Brush my hair every night before I go to bed
The first one is easy because I blog in my head everyday but don’t put it on the internet, which is a step I think I can easily achieve (as evidenced by this post).  The second one will be harder and I think I’ll need to set an alarm. Or maybe put a brush on my pillow or hanging from my door frame or tape this photo to my bathroom mirror. I don’t know. These are just some strategies to tackle this new challenge in my life.
What are your new years resolutions? I think Dr. Adam has something like:
  1. Call parents more often
  2. Patent new invention as lead author
We all have different goals. I think this is going to be the year.

Cowboy Sports

Sunday, July 8th, 2012

Last night Dr. Adam and I went with friends to the Saddle Rack. Have you heard of the Saddle Rack? Me neither. But it is a country western line dancing bar in Fremont which is in the east bay which is so far away that we rented three rooms at the Saddle Rack Hilton Hotel. We wore plaid shirts and cowboy hats and then line danced. The line dancers were very serious and did not have any facial expressions maybe because they were concentrating so hard. There was a live band and the singer kept toasting “the best country in the world” and then I drank three bud-lights. Here is a photo of our friend riding a mechanical bull.

The Saddle Rack

In other news I joined a soccer team. I know. I also think this is an adventurous but probably short-sighted and bad idea. My company organized the team so we are the Fehr & Peers team and I suggested we be the Fehr & Peers Frogs but we’ll see if that name sticks. We have our first game tomorrow so we had a scrimmage today in Oakland (exotic) and I fell down just about three times and kept saying “so close” every time I missed the goal. I told all the guys on the team that I hadn’t played in 15 years and they said That’s ok we just need 3 girls on our time to qualify for the league. So, that’s good news. Then I came home and took a 3 4 hour nap. Sports are hard.

Update: Sports are harder the next day. I think my leg muscles are broken. The good news is I can fall in to my chair but the bad news is I can’t stand up. I have figured out how to lift up half way by using the arm rests but walking to the office kitchen has been a struggle (physically and emotionally). The F&P Frogs (name pending) have our first official game tonight at 9pm which is about 15 minutes before my bedtime. Half-time naps? Dr. Adam is going to drive me because have you ever biked home after playing soccer sports with broken muscles? I will ask him to take action photos but they might be of me on the sidelines eating orange slices the entire game. Go Frogs!

Update 2: I SCORED A GOAL!!! Dr. Adam was really impressed. He said he wished he had a video camera (next time) but took this photo when we got home instead.

First soccer game in 12 years. And I scored a goal. #stillgotit

Huh, I don’t know how HoBaB looks on your computer, but mine kind of squishes the photos so I look suuuuper skinny. Great work HoBaB.

I’m here!

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

This keeps happening. Things keep happening and I think I WILL BLOG THIS and guess what I do instead I get up at 5:30am and then I get on the traincycle and go to the transportation planning factory where I stand in the line and build transportation plans all day and before I know it I’m on the traincycle home and then I’m on the treadmillcycle and then I’m eating eggplant in bed. See what happens?

Here’s some updates:

Yesterday I went to the Treasure Island Flea Market and I found a book called Facts of Flight and I thought YES! Facts of flight! How do the planes not fall down? And so I bought it for ten dollar billz which is 9 dollar billz too many because the book is from 1963 when I think the laws of gravity were stronger so this could be a dud. Or else it will cure me of flying fears. Or else I will sell it on the internet. Here’s a photo of the book. It is a horrible cover what are those bowling pins?

Treasure Island Flea Market Purchase

Then I bought these boots.

Book 'n boots

tjk. I did not buy these boots.

But I did go to the top of treasure island to a secret place where I looked at the San Francisco from the top of the Bay Bridge. Infrastructure! Heretis.

Bay Bridge

In other news my movers are coming on Wednesday with all of my things including my piano and my jackets and all of my closed-toed shoes this I am very excited about because breaking news san francisco is freezing.

More photos here.


Sunday, July 10th, 2011
Andy suggests a new dating tactic.
Andy: it sounds like an MTV dating show
Andy: “The Love-Cycle with Alex Sweet”
Andy: you stand on top of telegraph hill and the first person to bike to you wins the third date

This is Hard

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

This feels familiar. Like that time my mom drove me to summer camp for the first time and I thought This is going to be epic but omg I am terrified mom can you just drop me off at the corner I’ll walk the rest thanks. Except instead of a station wagon I am taking a flying machine and instead of my mom dropping me off it’s going to be a cab driver. That’s the worst part. Moving solo is the worst. I’m really bad at decision making and when I pull out a book and have to decide if it goes to San Francisco or Chicago or an eager reader who shops at the Goodwill I struggle. Rinse and repeat. I have a plane ticket for 6am Friday morning. So. That’s pretty final. I wonder if my bike box will fit in the cab driver’s trunk?

I’m selling all of my bedroom furniture. I start my new job on Tuesday. Big things are happening. I hope this works.

TX > PA > NY

Friday, June 10th, 2011

I’m back from Texas and leaving in 49 minutes to go to Clinton, NY for Craig & Carrie’s wedding at Hamilton College. Then I’m home for three days then I go to the New York City to attend Ma Sweet’s graduation and graduation party extravaganza (probably a nice dinner out). This will conclude my Goodbye Tour at which point I will move to the San Francisco where I have accepted a job as a Transportation Planner in the San Jose. Ta da.

Here are photos from Texas.

Spring Break 2011!!

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

Ok ready it is Spring Break apparently and for our studio trip we went to Aruba Washington DC! Two days before the trip our studio instructor was like zomg guys guess what I just got called in to be on a jury for a murder trial I can’t go to Washington DC acsweet can you take over? kthanksbye!

So there we were. An orphaned studio group in Aruba Washington DC and there I was on the phone with Planning Directors being like Hieeee it’s Alex k’we come over? And they were like totes we’ll show you some powerpoint presentations and we were like omg we lovelovelove powerpoint presentations!  So we met with the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority and the Montgomery County Planning Department and the Akridge Developers and the Washington DC Office of Planning and the Arlington County Department of Community Planning Housing and Development and then we fainted. We mostly talked about Transit Oriented Development.We mostly ate Indian Food.

Here’s a photo of a Transit Oriented Development called Gallery Place.
Omg a TOD

Here’s a photo of me fainting.
Spring Break is exhausting.

And here’s a photo of Ma Sweet’s new couch in Sweechigan. Everybody’s winning really.
Ma Sweet's new couch

More photos here!


Friday, March 4th, 2011

I need to submit a 2-3 sentence bio about myself for the Penn Planning journal to accompany my parking article. This is hard. Here’s what I have so far:

“Alex Sweet is studying Urban Design and Transportation Planning. She enjoys riding her bike, stopping at stop signs, and cleaning her desk.”

“Alex Sweet is studying Urban Design and Transportation Planning. Her favorite design activity is aligning objects in InDesign.”

“Alex Sweet is studying Urban Design and Transportation Planning. She likes the Transportation part better than the Design part but don’t tell Maurice Latrice.”

“Alex Sweet enjoys food photography, streaking and airport marteenees. When she isn’t nesting…” (submitted by Lauren Faber)

Your turn. Fast. Go.

Video Chat of the Day

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

“There are too many things.” Ma Sweet on the number of windows open on her computer, and the subsequent difficulty in video chatting

Ma Sweet

Sprawl Significance

Sunday, February 6th, 2011

Assignment 1.

… Next, use SPSS 1-WAY ANOVA to determine the degree to which these different measures of sprawl are (statistically) significantly different by region, by 1990 MSA population size, by 1990-2000 MSA population growth rate, by average 1990 MSA population density, and by land use regime.

Sounds pretty easy. Tune in Thursday at 5am for the answer or at least my feelings associated with the process.