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The Switcheys and the Fritchwitts

Sunday, January 8th, 2012

Breaking news: The Fritchwitts are engaged to be mahweed. Ma Petite FreetZ and her doctuh Berkwitt are going to be unionized. I received the news a couple of weeks ago while on the train analyzing Google Campus crash data when I got a text from Ma Petite with a photo of a painting with a ring in it that said, It’s official I’m getting married! I wept and then I fainted.

The Fritchwitts came to visit last week and I spent most of the time holding on to the FreetZ’s arm and petting her ring finger while our Dr. Adams (2!) talked about weddings cells and cancer detection (boring). I don’t have any photos of the four of us on our double dream bicycle date to the ocean and back but here’s a photo of the Switchey’s and the crown the Berkwitt put on the FreetZ’s ring finger. Dreamboat city if you ask me.

The Switchey Reunion

Berkwitt crowned the FreetZ

Text Message of the Day

Friday, January 6th, 2012

“So what do you think of my new Gucci pumps?” – Ma Sweet

*cat sound*

omg shoes

Meat Dumplings

Saturday, December 24th, 2011

I was at home the other night sitting on my bed holding a plate of trader joe’s meat dumplings under my chin (less distance from plate to mouth) and looking at stupid things on the internet (the picture of poise and etiquette) when my gentleman friend (gf? no) came home from the lab half an hour earlier than he said he’d be home and so explains  the meat-dumpling-internet-scene evidence had not yet been cleared. I managed to at least take the meat dumpling plate away from my chin and onto my bureau before he walked into my room and as dumpling grease clung to my chin I thought, oh god is it too soon to let him see me like this? Then he sat down and said, Are you watching the internet? And I said, yes. And he said, I got you a present, as if I should be rewarded for sitting on the bed alone eating meat dumplings in front of the internet. He handed me a taped up cardboard box which was confusing because why do I get presents on Mondays? And I opened it and inside, nestled into a bundle was a brand new sippy cup (as mine had been critically injured in a fall from my bike en route to the gym) and a dark purple patagonia down sweater jacket a la Ma Sweet’s green one. I nearly choked on my meat dumplings. I have been pawing over patagonia down sweaters for a few months now and may or may not have voiced this pawing in the verbal form of, “I want a patagonia down sweater,” including two days ago when Pa Sweet called and said What do you want for xmas and I said “I want a patagonia down sweater” and he said a what? And I said, “money to buy a patagonia down sweater.” After I put on the jacket my gentleman friend said, “I wanted to get you one before your parents did. The store only had three colors: Black which is not allowed, Blue which is for boys, and Purple which is for Alex.” And then I fainted.

See photo below for evidence of purple down sweater with my brand new red lady bike. And here’s a photo of me in an orange sweatshirt to demonstrate my range of outdoor performance gear options  and happy eyes happy face poses (purple wins).


What I meant to say

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

There are two rules to House of Bland and Blog do you want to know what they are? Ok.
Rule #1. No Blogging at work
Rule #2. No Blogging about gentleman friends

Coincidentally one must now imagine which two activities are taking up all of my time every time all the time every day (hint I am almost bending rule #2)

The difficulty in not blogging when you’re with the two things you’re not supposed to blog about is that HoBaB has endured what is widely known in blogging as a feelings desert. It’s painful, I think, for both the blog and the blogger. I end up feeling like a negligent pet owner, right? If HoBaB were a camel? In the desert?

But really sometimes when I am feeling particularly antsy for HoBaB and I am with my gentleman friend I will sneak into the other room and pretend to write emails when really I am secretly editing a feelings draft for HoBaB. It feels shameful I start to sweat and get paranoid and look over my shoulder while crouching in the corner with the lights off and when I am gone long enough he will come into the dark room to find me and I’ll slam my laptop shut and say Nothing! Haha! Internet!

After a desperate and failed attempt to blog on my roast phone this past weekend I started to feel like maybe HoBaB wasn’t going to make it. And if HoBaB didn’t make it, what would happen to me? Where do all the feelings go if not on the internet? If you have a feeling and it doesn’t go in the internet and nobody’s around did the tree make a sound in the woods?

Ironically there is plenty of time to blog after work when there is a period of about an hour when my gentleman friend works on his science homework and I read all of my shopping emails (gender equality) and I think maybe he won’t notice my pink and red HoBaB banner. But he’s very observant (science!) and good at the internet (dream) so I figured it was only a matter of time.

You might think that this story has a happy ending. That last night after sitting alone in my bathroom typing my feelings furiously onto the internet the guilt became too much and I walked into my room where my gentleman friend was working on his science homework and while struggling to catch my breath I’d stand there crying and hugging my laptop in the door frame until I finally wailed, I HAVE A BLOG!

Very dramatic. And after all the secrets were released I could blog freely and openly and HoBaB would be like a leaping jumping grinning camel in a sunny damp rainforest of internet dreams.

Instead I’m writing this on my roast phone on the traincycle. Alone. But, in the end the first step, I think, is acknowledging the circumstances and, apparently, dismissing rule #2, at least for now. Ergo, this post. So. There it is.

Tune in next time when I tell you about the time in LA I went to Disneyland with /jec and Grandpa Lou. It’ll be great.

Email of the Day: Ping Pong

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

funny pictures history - OH WOW! PING-PONG!
see more Historic LOL


Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

I was about to pay $130 to register for the Transportation Research Board’s 90th Annual Conference and at first I was like omg $130 is a lot of dolla-dolla-billz and maybe I am being irrational even though I love transportation a lot and last year did a really great job wearing business attire to the 89th Annual Conference and just as I was about to say no I should spend $130 on other things like skittles from the vending machine I looked at the interactive program and suddenly there was a bright light and then a flash of lightening and then a rainbow and as the clouds parted and my eyes adjusted I saw the words that never fail to make me become $130 poorer.

Jan 25 2011 1:30PM- 3:15PM

Making Walking Safer in New York City: The 2010 Pedestrian Safety Study and Action Plan – Presented by Sadik-Khan, Janette I., New York City Department of Transportation

and then I fainted. the end.


Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

I don’t know how to say this. But I am living the dream.

–> SF

Sunday, May 30th, 2010

I am in the San Francisco.

Yesterday I went to the top of the Twin Peaks and looked at the San Francisco with /jec.

Today I went to the top of the de Young and looked at the San Francisco with Ariane and Michael.

Here is evidence. Is this place real?

Discover Simple, Private Sharing at

Discover Simple, Private Sharing at

In other news, now that I have a grown-up smaht phone, I tweet.


Monday, May 24th, 2010

On Friday Sarah Sweet drove from Chicago to Philadelphia and picked me up and then we drove to Boston and picked up Ma Sweet and then we drove to Lyme, New Hampshire and had a birthday party for Uncle Andy. And now I’m back. And panicking packing. See birthday photos here.

In other news:

Discover Simple, Private Sharing at

a love song

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

Sometimes when I work realla hard and I get frustrated and angry I put my itunez on shuffle and then 45 minutes later this song comes on and it’s like the clouds have parted. This is maybe the most romantic post I have ever written.